Embedditor is the open-source MS Word equivalent for embedding that helps you get the most out of your vector search.

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Embed like a pro

Improve your embedding metadata and embedding tokens with a user-friendly UI. Seamlessly apply advanced NLP cleansing techniques like TF-IDF, normalize, and enrich your embedding tokens, improving efficiency and accuracy in your LLM-related applications.

Uplevel your vector search

Optimize the relevance of the content you get back from a vector database, intelligently splitting or merging the content based on its structure and adding void or hidden tokens, making chunks even more semantically coherent.

Get better security

Get the full control over your data, effortlessly deploying Embedditor locally on your PC or in your dedicated enterprise cloud or on-premises environment.

Reduce your costs

Applying Embedditor advanced cleansing techniques to filter out from embedding irrelevant tokens like stop-words, punctuations, and low-relevant frequently words, you can save up to 40% on the cost of embedding and vector storage while getting better search results.

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